Jake Spek (__stillborn) wrote in roboticempire,
Jake Spek

i am cataclysm

Hey everybody I'm Jake and I play in this band i am cataclysm. We're from San Diego and draw influence from a plethora of bands ranging from Gravity records band (Heroin, Angel Hair, etc.) to synthy bands such as An Albatross. We put out a 4 song cassette hand numbered/stenciled/#100, and we are just finishing things up for our 7" that will be released December 15th
on gods/heroin. There will be 300 pressed, 75 of which will be hand screened/numbered tour edition. We are also doing a short winter tour up California, with our friend, Halcyon(aire)s (experimental folk i.e. Devendra Banhart with more procussion and electronic stuff, etc.) and need a little help wrapping things up. Here's what it looks like:

Dec 15th - SD - Che Cafe w/ Halcyon(aire)s, Flee the Century

Dec 16th - LA - Zamakibo! w/ ex oblivione, more!

Dec 17th - NEED HELP! - anywhere between LA and SF!!!

Dec 18th - SF - TBA w/ Halcyon(aire)s, Birthday Indian

Dec 19th - Oakland - TBA w/ Halcyon(aire)s, Birthday Indian

Tell us what you think, or come out to the show near you. Any help will also be reciprocated here in San Diego.


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